Save The Bay Polar Dip


Date: Saturday February 24, 2024

Location: Fred Raper Park, Meaford ON

Check-in starts at: 11:30 AM

Dip Time: 1:00 PM (everyone jumps in the Bay)

Registration fee: $25, all proceeds to Save the Bay

Fundraising goal: $30,000

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$30,000Raised $17,903 towards the $30,000 target.$17,903Raised $17,903 towards the $30,000 target.60%

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Register online for $25 to get started and set up a customizable fundraising page.
  2. Once registered, share your fundraising page with family and friends via email and social media. You can track donations from your fundraising page, respond to donors and monitor fundraising progress.


  • Is the Bay cold?
    Yes, usually in late February, the water temperature is hovering around 1-2 degrees Celsius. We may have pack ice along the shoreline.
  • Do I have to have a team or be on a team?
    No, solo is fine. Bring a buddy on the day of the dip.
  • How old do you have to be to do the Dip?
    There is no age requirement to participate in our Polar dip. Those under 18 years of age are required to have a parent or guardian present and sign the waiver for the event.
  • Do I need to check-in?
    All participants MUST check-in prior to Dipping. You will receive your wristband which allows you to participate.
  • Are there change rooms?
    No, most people arrive with their bathing suit on. You’ll have to figure out how to get dressed after the dip.
  • Is a shot of liquid courage a good idea?
    NO. Please refrain from drinking on the day of the dip.
  • How much money goes to the charity?
    All of it. The funds raised go directly to Save the Bay, with some covering expenses.
    A tax receipt will be issued for any sponsorships.
  • What is the money used for?
    Money raised will be used to hold TCE accountable for effects on the environment, water quality and assessing Ontario ratepayer value. For more information, click here.

Polar Dip Day Checklist:

  1. Proper Footwear: Wear full water sandals, water socks, or snug-fitting old running shoes. No Flip Flops!
  2. Two towels: One to dry off and a towel to stand on while changing.
  3. Warm clothing for after the dip.
  4. Bring a buddy to watch you and help you change after the dip.

Virtual Save the Bay Polar Dip

Can’t dip on the day of the event? You can still participate. Click here for information regarding your participation in our virtual polar dip.

Late Registration

Late Registration is available on February 24, 2024 (the day of the Dip), starting on-site at 11:30 am.
Late registration fee is $50.00.